5 Everyday Ways To Teach Your Kids About Consent by Lisa McCrohan (
Psychotherapist-written article discussing easy ways to approach consent with children

6 Ways To Talk To Your Kids About Consent by Lara Rutherford-Morrison (
6 assessable talking points on consent with kids

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FAQ on consent basics in Canada

How To Talk To Boys About Sex And Consent (Audie Cornish, Charlie Kuhn and Rosalind Wiseman, NPR)
Short podcast discussing how to approach consent with teen boys


How to Talk to Kids About Sex and Consent by Mary Cathryn Ricker (Ms. Magazine)
Looking at consent from the US justice system

How To Talk To Your Kids About Consent by Katrina Clark (Toronto Star)
Article on the importance of discussing consent from an early age

How To Talk To Your Son About Date Rape by Sherri Kuhn (SheKnows Canada)
Defining sexual assault, understanding respectful boundaries, and recognizing dangerous situations

How to Teach Consent to Kids in 5 Simple Steps by Michelle Dominique Burke (Everyday Feminism)
The importance of teaching consent early, and accessible strategies

My Teen Boys Are Blind To Rape Culture by Jody Allard (Washington Post)
Article on how to raise awareness of rape culture in teen males

Raising Boys: How To Teach Consent by Leah Birnbaum (Huffington Post Canada)
"Do you want to be hugged?" Simple strategies for teaching consent to young boys

Speaking of Psychology: How To Talk To Teen Boys About Dating And Sex with Andrew Smiler and Audrey Hamilton (American Psychological Association)
Podcast interview with Andrew Smiler discussing responsible relationships

Talk to Your Son About Consent – He Might Listen! By Adam Gilad (The Good Men Project)
Strategies for comfortably discussing consent with teens

Teaching Kids About Consent by Lynn Schreiber (Jump! Parents)
Discussing consent from toddlers to teens

Teaching Our Sons Not to Rape by Kathryn Stamoulis Ph.D. (Psychology Today)
Practical discussion points for teen boys

This Is How You Teach Kids About Consent by Joanna Schroeder (The Good Men Project)
Practical tips on teaching consent from ages 1-21

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Easy to follow introduction to popular examples of rape culture


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Interview with former US Vice President Joe Biden about men's responsibility to help end rape culture

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List of common ways parents accidentally reinforce rape culture



The Consensual Project (
Partnership of high schools and universities to raise awareness of consent and related issues