Conjugal Violence

Find out about healthy relationships and how to prevent gender-based violence




Dating Violence (
Q & A on dating violence

Masculinity U: Rethink Masculinity

Blog that empowers boys and men to define masculinity on their own terms (

Patrick Stewart: The Legacy of Domestic Violence by Patrick Stewart (The Guardian)
Actor Patrick Stewart reveals his childhood living with domestic violence



10 Things Men Can Do To Prevent Gender Violence (
Accessible checklist of gender-based violence prevention tips

A Call To Men: Next Generation of Manhood (
Resources to help prevent gender based violence, sexual assault and harassment, and bullying

Are You In A Healthy Relationship? Cyber Stalking (Government of Manitoba)
Government of Manitoba resource on cyber stalking and prevention

Are You In A Healthy Relationship? Dating Violence (Government of Manitoba)
Government of Manitoba resource on dating violence warning signs

Men's Nonviolence Project: Standing Together for Justice (Texas Council on Family Violence)
Comprehensive guide to engaging males in ending gender based violence by the Texas Council on Family Violence

MVP: Mentors in Violence Prevention (
Gender violence, bullying and sexual harassment prevention program

NO! The Rape Documentary
Documentary that explores heterosexual rape and sexual assault

The 7 Ps of Men's Violence by Michael Kaufman, Ph.D. ( 
Michael Kaufman, Ph.D. provides insight into the causes of male violence

Men Can Stop Rape (
Links to resources for male perpetrators and male survivors

Dating Teen Violence Prevention (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)
Defintion, explanation and consequences of dating violence supplemented with resources from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Engaging Men and Boys (The Pennsylvania Coalition Against Domestic Violence)
Resource list provided by the Pennsylvania Coalition Against Domestic Violence

Jackson Katz (
Educator, author, filmmaker and cultural theorist with expertise on gender based violence

Love Is Respect (
Online resource, including quizzes, articles, discussions and telephone support for young people experiencing violence in relationships