Body Image

Learn more about how body image issues impact boys of all ages and what you can do to help



Awareness of Eating Disorders in Men by Jacquelyn Ekern, MS, LPC (
Article on causes and ways to improve disordered eating among males

Body Image (
Definitions and FAQs on body image for teens

Body-Image Pressure Increasingly Affects Boys by Jamie Santa Cruz (The Atlantic)
Article discussing increasing pressure for males to conform to cultural body ideals

Boys and Body Image by Caroline Knorr (
Blog post empowering boys to critically evaluate media depictions of body image

It’s Not Just Girls. Boys Struggle With Body Image, Too. By Rebecca Adams (Huffington Post)
Comprehensive article on stigma surrounding boys and body image, statistics and warning signs

Teenage boys are increasingly worried about their body image, research finds by Javier Espinoza (The Telegraph)
UK news article that discusses a rise in body image concerns among boys

The Impact of Negative Body Image on Boys by Peggy Drexler Ph.D. (Psychology Today)
Article discussing rising cultural pressure for boys to attain certain levels of attractiveness


The National Association for Males with Eating Disorders (
American organization offering support and resources for males suffering from eating disorders

Body Image: Men (
Australian resource including definitions, warning signs, and treatment support

National Eating Disorder Information Centre (
Canadian organization that provides resources on disordered eating and weight preoccupation

The Idealized Male Body: The Effect of Media Images on Men and Boys (The Sex Information and Education Council of Canada)
Article on the sexualization, self-objectification and idealized body images of boys and men

A Guy's Guide to Body Image (
Resource focused on young teens and how puberty can impact body image

Body Image: Boys (
Article discussing rise in body image issues for males

Eating Disorders in Males (
Australian site featuring risk factors, warning signs, and ways to get help

Males and Eating Disorders (
Resource page with information on a range of eating disorders and discussion of prevalence in boys and men

Males With Eating Disorders (
Fact sheet dispelling myths, identifying risks and warning signs about males and eating disorders from Anorexia Nervosa and Related Eating Disorders