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Boys will Be Boys

Boys Will Be Boys is a grassroots initiative that strives to empower boys and young men from all walks of life. This community-driven project includes child, teen, parent and educational resources on a range of topics with that focus specifically on young males. Contributors have collected resources to help boys of all ages navigate a complex world through an intersectional lens: understanding that identities like gender, class, race, sexuality, religion, and ability overlap and impact all boys in different ways.

While much-needed resources for girls and young women are very accessible, there exists a gap for similar resources for boys and young men that emphasize positive and diverse representations of masculinity. This project seeks to help bridge this gap and to provide educational and positive information for all young males.

Boys Will Be Boys was given its name as a way of refuting the traditional meaning of the phrase. "Boys will be boys" has so often been used to minimize and excuse certain behaviours, many of which are very serious, like sexual assault . We believe that we can help be a positive voice in reshaping our culture of toxic masculinity and showing that boys will be whoever they are, regardless of all of those intersecting identities. We want to help boys reject those toxic cultural pressures and contribute to a more fair and peaceful world.

Meet the Team

Who are the people behind Boys Will Be Boys?


Amber Pohl



Amber Pohl holds a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) from the University of Manitoba in Winnipeg, Canada with a major in political science and a minor in women’s studies. She has a strong international orientation and spent several years living and working in New Zealand and Scotland. Amber has travelled in nearly 40 countries and currently manages an international program at a higher educational institution in Winnipeg.

Amber was motivated to create Boys Will Be Boys in 2017 when she began noticing an increase in racist, xenophobic and anti-women speech and political activity. While there are many valuable resources to help empower young girls, Amber feels strongly that this is only part of the equation, and that in order to move to a more fair and just society, boys also need progressive, intersectional, gender-based education and resources.

Amber enjoys reading, eating peanut butter, and exercises only out of sheer obligation. She is the proud mother of her son, who was born in 2013.



Bianca Smalley


Bianca Smalley is a graphic designer and social media manager.

Bianca joined Amber in 2017 to help create & maintain the look and website of Boys Will Be Boys.

Bianca loves all things art related. When not working, you can find her to painting, listening to audiobooks or podcasts and drooling over interior design blogs on Instagram. She is the proud mother of 2 very loud and active boys born in 2010 and 2013.



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Next Steps

Interested in contributing this project? Our resource library is constantly growing and community contributors are needed. Email us for information on how you can get involved.